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September 2017


European Adventure (London, Spain, Malta & Singapore) June 2017 – London

September 19, 2017

My previous adventures in London was back in the 2000s, once on a backpacker budget and then another visiting a friend for a week.  So it’s been more than 10 years at least since my return this year.

During my first visit I was living in Kennington (an eye opener), worked briefly in Chelsea (at Gordon Ramsay’s) then moved to the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire, to a tiny village called Brightwell Baldwin, near Watlington.  Jeremy Irons lives in Watlington, I used to park outside his compound walls when I went about my grocery shopping, banking and posting etc. Continue Reading…

Wine & Champagne

Wines we have enjoyed in Europe June 2017

September 18, 2017

As we have mentioned, we do not profess to be wine connoisseurs but we do enjoy the wines we know (strike rate not bad so far) and tend to gravitate towards the varieties we know. And of course when in doubt we always ask the Sommeliers or waiters of the establishment what they would recommend when we are totally out of our knowledge of the local offerings.

Continue Reading…


Slow Roasted Shoulder of Lamb Version 2017

September 18, 2017

There is definitely something about roasting lamb on a winter’s or any other day really.  I’ve never had success in roasting beef, I’ve even followed a recipe for brisket to the letter and I still find my roasted beef being dry and flavourless.  However, lamb must love my treatment, no matter if its been roasted slowly over night on low heat or a quick roasting for four hours it has always turned out succulent and full of flavour.  Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Chapas kitchen and bar – on many occasions since March 2016

September 18, 2017

Update February 2018:  since our original blog, we have returned to Chapas on a number of occasions bringing more friends to this establishment. Our love affair with this place continues, just like the enthusiasm of the owners continues.  They continue to develop new dishes to entice, not to mention most recently their new dessert additions. I could not post the delectable death by chocolate dessert of deconstructed bubble tea which you can see on our instagram page. if you are a fan of great food, consistently done well with insatiable passion, you will love the vibes on your palate and tummies.  Not only are the owners Hugh and Karen ever so passionate each time you see them, the staff are knowledgable, friendly and more than willing to assist in an incredible evening for your no matter how many times you visit.  How many places can you say this about?

So we like dim sum and we like tapas.  It takes two very clever Architects to come up with Chapas….Chinese Tapas, why didn’t anyone think of this earlier???

This place was recommended by a friend and so we went for a quick eat and run after work.  The decor was modern, funky, with Asian flavours to remind us the main inspiration for their food.  The welcome was warm and you immediately feel at ease and at home with the cool (as in dude…) yet warm service. Continue Reading…