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February 2018


Haleem (chicken and lamb versions)

February 28, 2018

My workplace is filled with multi-cultural employees. Me being Chinese and love to eat and cook, quite often lunch time is filled with delicious smells from those who have bought in home cooked meals. The ever inquisitive cook and eater that I am, I am often sticking my face into someone’s lunch box or plate and asking them what they are eating and then asking for the recipe.

Haleem is one I have not come across and am so very glad I did. Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Ichirin Japanese February 2018

February 25, 2018

I read about his amazing place in some sort of food review. Being a fan of Japanese food, I am well aware that Perth has a lot of great Japanese places that do not necessarily have to be expensive to be amazing.

Some neighborhood places are lucky enough to have amazing Japanese on their door step without having to venture far nor dress up and pay incredible prices to enjoy a good dose of Japanese fare. Continue Reading…


Morton Bay Bug/Chicken Madras Curry

February 25, 2018

One lazy day, I was watching one of the food channels and saw Rick Stein’s program on his trip to India. I really like Rick Stein and his travel/cooking shows as I find him to be a down to earth person who likes to embrace the culture and food wherever he travels to.

I derive a lot of my cooking and eating inspirations from chefs who travel to places, eat where the locals eat and then use the local produce to cook whatever is the specialty of the region. That then inspires me to cook what they have cooked as they often cook on the fly, making it look fairly easy. In Rick Stein’s case, it is wherever he lands himself and in some cases, like his Spanish adventures, it’s in his camper van. What a man! What a chef! Just quietly, that would be my dream job, ahhh one powerball! Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Petite Mort February 2018 and December 2018

February 10, 2018

Update: Our New Year’s Eve Dinner December 2018

It’s never a difficult decision when deciding to dine at this place or not. When we were aware they were open for New Year’s Eve, the decision was simple, and so we decided an early dinner would be fitting before we participated in further celebratory festivities.

This restaurant did not fail in delivering course after course in deliciousness. The service was delightful, even as the crowd streamed in steadily. We were all reminded of our previous enjoyable dining experience there and left more than happy to continue our New Year’s Eve celebrations. Do try and experience this delightful French eatery if you haven’t already. And if you have, do it again….and again…..Happy New Year to All!We’d ventured to this delightful place a few years ago and enjoyed their degustation offerings. From memory, it wowed us with its delicious servings, lovely atmosphere and we walked out of there really full of wonderful memories of the palate and tummy.

We’ve always wanted to venture back and so it appeared on our radar again so off we went for a Friday after work meal. Mind you, this isn’t an eat and run affair, although they did not drag out each course either. Continue Reading…


Seared Morton Bay Bugs with cuttlefish ink farfalle pasta

February 1, 2018

Again it was due to the lovely gift we’d received from our lovely friend at Christmas, a tray filled with truffled products which consisted of an array of pasta, risotto, oil, glazing sauce and truffled cream paste that has inspired this dish too. This time it was a packet of farfalle pasta which consisted of a mix of plain durum wheat semolina and cuttlefish ink pasta. Since I have created a dish with the risotto, I thought, if it ain’t broke, let’s create a similar dish with Morton Bay Bugs and pasta. Continue Reading…