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August 14, 2016

This place is one of our favourites we like to go back to from time to time. On this occasion, I attended with some of my colleagues. Some have been and some have not.

We started with oysters which were plump and lovely. For me, as long as they are fresh, there is nothing better than a squeeze of lemon and some Tabasco. Then entrees included Country Style Terrine (which was a bit rich), Chicken Liver Parfait (which was beyond amazing, get another serve of bread) and a Marron and Truffle dish, which was on the specials (unfortunately a bit underwhelming). The stand out was definitely the parfait, it was smooth, melt in your mouth delicious, definitely coming back for more of that.

For mains, we had pea and asparagus risotto with broad beans (it was light yet flavoursome), beef daube in red wine sauce on a bed of Paris mash (overall the dish was really rich so it was difficult to finish or even share), leg of duck confit (unfortunately the duck was quite dry), mussels marinieres which came with fries and a side order of cauliflower gratin.

I am the biggest mussels fan I know. And being the biggest mussels fan, you also suffer the biggest disappointment when your bowl of mussels come out filled with plenty of small shriveled up something barely resembling the plump shellfish flesh you so desire.

The mussels marinieres did not fail nor disappoint. The bowl was huge and overfilled with large shells filled with large plump meaty bites of delicious mussels cooked to perfection, coated in just the right amount of light creamy sauce.

We were so full we did not order dessert.

Whilst this time was a bit lackluster, we have enjoyed this place, even for a quick two course after work meal. Other dishes we have enjoyed are: charcuterie plate, in-house smoked salmon, salad Nicoise with rare Yellow Fin tuna, Spanner crab salad, Steak tartare, Patagonian Glacier 51 Toothfish (is consistently so so good), Rangers Valley Sirlion, and all their sides. We would recommend the potato gratin over the cauliflower gratin but they are both very very rich.

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