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Blue Manna Bistro, Dunsborough – June 2019

July 18, 2019

This place sprung up a few years ago in the heart of Dunsborough where it quickly earned the reputation as a place to try. We had missed trying this place until now, visiting friends who live in Dunsborough. The reason is, it is predominately seafood and my husband is not really a fan of going to seafood restaurants. Whilst I would go to good seafood restaurants at a drop of a hat due to the fact that there really isn’t many, if really any good seafood restaurants around any more…..(please, I would welcome any recommendations).

When our friends suggested we venture there for dinner because they, even though they are locals, have not been there either, I gladly accepted with gusto! Upon perusing the menu, you will notice that besides a couple of dishes, it is quite Asiany in flavour and style. I immediately struggled with what I should eat and wondered if it would be too much if I tried several dishes or even dared to consider if my dining partners in crime would do share plates so we can all sample a bite of a number of dishes. Then the next thought would be, what would my husband choose to eat?

Well, problem “solvered” as they say, as there was plenty to choose from to even satisfy the most particular on our table. The Kushikatsu menu was a hit to start with. Morsels of seafood or meat marinated then battered or crumbed on a skewer with condiments of pickles, smashed avocado & wasabi mayonnaise and dipping sauce.

Then we ordered entrees of seared Shark Bay scallops with roasted duck (and shitake mushroom) pot stickers (pan fried dumplings) with salted edamame in miso broth, Korean spicy sashimi salad jammed with chilled Ora King salmon, Geralton kingfish, yellowfin tuna and crispy fried soft shell crab san choy bao and prawn stuffed chicken wings. From the main the linguine marinara packed with assorted pan seared seafood was also thoroughly enjoyed.

This place was buzzing. It is obviously popular with people who liked to eat. Whilst we were there, several tables came and went. Because we had a late big lunch prior, we were all happy with the smaller plates they’d offered. All of us agreed we had more than enough food, washed down with a nice bottle of wine and we were all more than pleasantly surprised by the taste sensations and the high quality ingredient. Of course all of this would not be possible without a talented chef at the helm of the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, they had an open kitchen, and seating was available at the kitchen where you can watch the talent at work. Next time, I’m thinking, I would like a seat at this vantage point….

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