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We will never profess we are wine connoisseurs. Nor will we ever profess that we know a thing or more about good wine verses bad wine and which year was fabulous and which years to avoid.

What we would like to do on this page to let you know what we have experienced and enjoyed. We will only tell you what we have enjoyed so if you come across it, hopefully you will have the same enjoyment we have had.

Please be known that we have particular tastes, which may not be what you would enjoy and they are of various vintages and price ranges.

Tip: we would like to share with you some information we have found from a food documentary we watched, which was quite interesting. In this documentary, there were a few food and wine chemists and experts. One such expressed although wine requires aging, we some times don’t have the time to wait for the aging process nor want to let it cellar for the number of years before it becomes “drinkable” or ready to drink.

Of course we will try to cellar our wines sometimes, especially the ones that deserve some aging time. These experts suggest that we can accelerate the aging process by assisting in the airing process. They suggest putting young wines in the blender for a minute. Do try this when you have a young wine with great accolades which may be a bit sharp on the palate. We have found that this does assist the wine to be more palatable. Seriously, you must try it, you too will be amazed!

Wine & Champagne

Pinot Noirs

December 20, 2017

We are usually drinkers of big, rich, robust, heavy Australian reds with plenty of guts. And as we do tend to over indulge on the things we love, we feel that some times, they pack a punch well into the next day too. Continue Reading…

Wine & Champagne

Wines we have enjoyed in Europe June 2017

September 18, 2017

As we have mentioned, we do not profess to be wine connoisseurs but we do enjoy the wines we know (strike rate not bad so far) and tend to gravitate towards the varieties we know. And of course when in doubt we always ask the Sommeliers or waiters of the establishment what they would recommend when we are totally out of our knowledge of the local offerings.

Continue Reading…