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Petite Mort February 2018 and December 2018

February 10, 2018

Update: Our New Year’s Eve Dinner December 2018

It’s never a difficult decision when deciding to dine at this place or not. When we were aware they were open for New Year’s Eve, the decision was simple, and so we decided an early dinner would be fitting before we participated in further celebratory festivities.

This restaurant did not fail in delivering course after course in deliciousness. The service was delightful, even as the crowd streamed in steadily. We were all reminded of our previous enjoyable dining experience there and left more than happy to continue our New Year’s Eve celebrations. Do try and experience this delightful French eatery if you haven’t already. And if you have, do it again….and again…..Happy New Year to All!We’d ventured to this delightful place a few years ago and enjoyed their degustation offerings. From memory, it wowed us with its delicious servings, lovely atmosphere and we walked out of there really full of wonderful memories of the palate and tummy.

We’ve always wanted to venture back and so it appeared on our radar again so off we went for a Friday after work meal. Mind you, this isn’t an eat and run affair, although they did not drag out each course either.

Our evening started with Espresso Martinis all round whilst we picked our first bottle of wine. We didn’t know much of what was on the wine list so we did our best to select something from the deduction of our knowledge of wine and selected the Vitulus Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra. The Sommelier assures us it was a good pick and so this good pick was enjoyed during the first part of our meal. When you have four wine appreciators on the table, a bottle goes quite quickly so a second of the same was commanded. That was their last bottle, hence we had to do the same knowledge deduction with a little encouragement from our Sommelier and the Alena Cabernet Savignon from Yarra Valley was selected. Although both Cabernet Savignons, this was quite different from the Vitulus and quite complex in personality. Quite enjoyable too I might add.

Now to our food. We were all fairly hungry so we were all wildly anticipating the first dish. It did not disappoint. With mild theatrics of pouring the onion soup at the table in front of you, you can immediately smell the aromas of the fragrant onion soup, bacon and crispy chicken skin. Did I say it did not disappoint?

We were more than ready for the next course: cured salmon for all bar one, asparagus for the one. The salmon was cured beautifully, accompanied with kimchi, kombucha and cucumber. Personally, the kimchi and kombucha was a bit over powering to the beautifully cured salmon but there was no complaints from the other two who ate it. The asparagus was enjoyed with warm yolk and puffed wheat.

An almond and fennel pannacotta like palate cleanser was served before the beef and lamb neck dishes. The palate cleanser served its purpose. The beef dish had delicately cooked beef fillets were served with melt in your mouth beef cheek and garnish of wilted bok choy, crackle and white sauce which paled in comparison to the flavoursome fillets and cheek. By now, even though we were starving to begin with, the lamb neck with artichoke and potato seemed a waste and slightly lack lustre whilst your taste buds are still savouring in the memory of the beef.

Note: we are quite poor when it comes to multiple course meals, no matter how hungry we were to begin with. So please do take this feedback as our opinion and our personal opinions only. And, the portion sizes are just fine, neither too small nor too large, we consider the portion sizes to be just enough.

Next came what they considered as the main affair, the duck breast and confit duck leg served with celeriac, pistou and carrots. They had already sufficiently won us over, this dish would push us over the edge. Not only in volume of food we’ve eaten so far but also the delicious flavours we’ve been stunned by so far. Again, I would only assume the perfectly cooked duck breast was marinated and sous vide, it was deliciously flavoursome, soft and faultless. Then there was the confit duck leg, it was rich and jammed packed with oohs and ahhhhs (coming from all of us).

Thank goodness that was all that was on offer before dessert. I must mention that the wines married very well with all the dishes and we were more than satisfied with our meal so far.

Before dessert, another palate cleanser was served, this time an icy ball of watermelon sorbet with salted caramel sauce. Along came dessert. A decadent selection of all things chocolate. For any dessert and chocolate lover, you will happily devour this dessert as the last dish you will ever eat in your life (a bit over exaggerated but you get my point). And of course like any fabulous restaurant, they don’t let you leave, bursting at the girth, they bring out more before you have a chance to walk out that door…..petite fours!! It was really hard not to pick at these petite fours even it was just to take a tiny bite from each.

I challenge you to put this on your “must eat” list and let us know if you agree.

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