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Restaurant Amusé – September 2012, 2013 & 2016

November 24, 2017

The first time we went to Amusé was pretty much the first of many degustation experiences with my then fiancé (now the other half of The Synergist) where we were in full throttle on ticking off our food exploration list.

We had heard so much about this place and how amazing the food was so we had to give it a bash for ourselves, and bashed three times we did. As I am writing this blog in late 2017, they have now since closed.   There has been talk that they are tired of running such a full on husband and wife business and may open something a little bit more casual down the track. So me thinks, you will hear more from husband and wife team Hadleigh and Carolynne Troy and when they appear somewhere, it will be well worth checking out their culinary talents even though you may have missed Amuse.

The restaurant was in an unassuming house on a quiet East Perth street. Whilst the furnishings were quite sparse it did have an air about the place. The first time, we wine paired. The wine, the food, the service were all impeccable. The second time, we decided to order a bottle of red. Again the wine, the food and the service were all impeccable and so was the third time. As the menu is seasonal dependent, it was nice to have a couple of courses that were the same which we were glad we were able to experience again from our previous visit. And after a three year gap from our most recent visit, it’s nice to experience even more of this restaurant’s creations.

Be warned, there is a lot of food and it does not take hours. We were really happy to demolish all the courses in under two hours, maybe even less! I would like to say “do find an excuse to experience this place even just once”, however now closed, keep your ear to the ground for when these two pop up again.

P.S  Apologies for the low quality photos, they definitely don’t do the food any justice!

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