Salt & Pepper Butter Wings

October 23, 2018

You’ve heard of many Asian dishes that are salt and pepper this and salt and pepper that….have you had salt and pepper wings I ask you? We just love chicken wings….pretty much any variation of chicken wings, no matter what origin, no matter from which country, we pretty much love chicken wings.

From Vietnamese Pok Pok, to Chinese sweet and sour/honey and soy to smoked Cajun to Jamaican jerk, we love them all. And not to mention stuffed Thai and Vietnamese styles too. Stuffed wings take a bit more effort which I haven’t quite had the time to conquer yet so marinated wings is all I’m talking about here.

You’ve seen my recipe for Pok Pok, that’s really a marriage of Asian sauces with honey, sugar and chilli and all in high quantities to get that really sticky, salty, sweet and spicy taste combination.

And once a upon a time, I have been privied to some delicious wings from a Vietnamese eatery who are no longer operating in Perth. They served some amazing stuffed wings deep fried and in a simple combination of butter and salt & pepper.

This recipe pays homage to that memory I can no longer obtain to enjoy….just not stuffed with their delicious stuffing of flavoured minced pork.

This came about because my husband decided he won’t be hungry for dinner but after a few bottles of wine, we would like to snack on little morsels of something delicious. Chicken wings it is, easy! The easy part about chicken wings is that I can marinated them whilst we are enjoying our first bottle. Then slow cook them in the oven on 125 degrees whilst we are enjoying the first bottle. By the time the second bottle is cracked, they are ready to cool to scoff temperature. Simple, easy night of wine and wings I say. Nevertheless it is a hit at Chez Brown on a Friday night!

Sorry I rant, here is the recipe for moorish wings that will fill your house with deliciousness, even if you weren’t hungry, you would want some!


2 packets of boomerang wings or chicken nibblets (the wings need to be cut into mini drumettes and flat bits, discard the tips and save them for stock)

¼ teaspoon minced garlic

½ teaspoon brown sugar

Generous knob of good butter

1/8 teaspoon onion powder

Salt and pepper


Lay wings on baking tray on baking paper and season with salt and pepper on both sides

Melt butter with garlic, onion powder and sugar, mix well and leave to cool until it becomes a bit of a paste

Preheat oven to 125 degrees

Spread butter mixture onto wings on one side and bake in oven for 30 minutes

Turn over every 10 minutes or so until it looks like wings are cookeds

When it looks like they are cooked, turn heat up to 190 degrees to brown the wings to finish them off

Take out of oven to cool slightly before devouring

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