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Blue Manna Bistro, Dunsborough – June 2019

July 18, 2019

This place sprung up a few years ago in the heart of Dunsborough where it quickly earned the reputation as a place to try. We had missed trying this place until now, visiting friends who live in Dunsborough. The reason is, it is predominately seafood and my husband is not really a fan of going to seafood restaurants. Whilst I would go to good seafood restaurants at a drop of a hat due to the fact that there really isn’t many, if really any good seafood restaurants around any more…..(please, I would welcome any recommendations). Continue Reading…


Salt & Pepper Butter Wings

October 23, 2018

You’ve heard of many Asian dishes that are salt and pepper this and salt and pepper that….have you had salt and pepper wings I ask you? We just love chicken wings….pretty much any variation of chicken wings, no matter what origin, no matter from which country, we pretty much love chicken wings. Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Hampton and Maley September 2018

September 4, 2018

You would not expect any less from the genius couple that was Amuse. When they decided to close Amuse because they’d decided to have a bit of work life balance, we were a little gutted as we went there for a few years in a row for our birthdays or anniversary (they were all in the same month). However, you do not expect an exceptional restaurant to keep their doors open for you for your once in a year celebrations. Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

The Plantation Grill – November 2017

December 5, 2017

We’d stayed at the Double Six Hotel before but during our stay, we could not fit in a dinner at this place, so we’ve wowed to ensure we do when we return to Bali next.

After a week of fabulous Indonesian and Asian cuisine, we were really craving for a good steak and a decent bottle of red. We weren’t familiar with any good steak houses nor have we come across anywhere that has a decent wine list but we do know for sure that this place does. Plus, we do know of friends who have enjoyed a meal and nice bottle of red here too. Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Chandi Bali – November 2017

November 27, 2017

We’d been to Chandi on other occasions and each time, we have always been impressed with how well they do modern Indonesian and Asian cuisine so well. They say on their website that they are “A gastronomic twist on pan Asian cuisine”. Twist my arm please!! And another surprising attribute, it’s fairly cheap compared to some of the better restaurants. Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Chapas kitchen and bar – on many occasions since March 2016

September 18, 2017

Update February 2018:  since our original blog, we have returned to Chapas on a number of occasions bringing more friends to this establishment. Our love affair with this place continues, just like the enthusiasm of the owners continues.  They continue to develop new dishes to entice, not to mention most recently their new dessert additions. I could not post the delectable death by chocolate dessert of deconstructed bubble tea which you can see on our instagram page. if you are a fan of great food, consistently done well with insatiable passion, you will love the vibes on your palate and tummies.  Not only are the owners Hugh and Karen ever so passionate each time you see them, the staff are knowledgable, friendly and more than willing to assist in an incredible evening for your no matter how many times you visit.  How many places can you say this about?

So we like dim sum and we like tapas.  It takes two very clever Architects to come up with Chapas….Chinese Tapas, why didn’t anyone think of this earlier???

This place was recommended by a friend and so we went for a quick eat and run after work.  The decor was modern, funky, with Asian flavours to remind us the main inspiration for their food.  The welcome was warm and you immediately feel at ease and at home with the cool (as in dude…) yet warm service. Continue Reading…


Asian Minced Meat Balls

January 21, 2017

Asian flavoured meat balls are a simple, quick and delicious. You can get away with just three ingredients and they will still be mighty delicious balls packed with plenty of flavor, especially when you know which sauces to use. 

Continue Reading…