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Sausage and broccoli orecchiette

April 27, 2020

Since we are not allowed to go out to one of favourite restaurants and it is just that little bit far to do takeaway from there, I thought I would try and replicate one of our favourite dishes from there. They make this dish with spicy sausage but you can always use any type of non spicy sausage….like my friends who are using a pork and fennel sausage. Continue Reading…



April 19, 2020

This time, I saw this lovely idea on Instagram. My husband is not a fan of the traditional osso bucco dish but he does love pasta so I thought I could cook this dish and just figure out how to stuff osso bucco into pasta. And with further thought, I figured that tortellini is just an Italian version of an Asian dumpling, right? And since I am not going to be making pasta, I will use wanton skins instead. I also have another challenge to overcome, how to wrap the tortellini so the filling does not fall out. Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Blue Manna Bistro, Dunsborough – June 2019

July 18, 2019

This place sprung up a few years ago in the heart of Dunsborough where it quickly earned the reputation as a place to try. We had missed trying this place until now, visiting friends who live in Dunsborough. The reason is, it is predominately seafood and my husband is not really a fan of going to seafood restaurants. Whilst I would go to good seafood restaurants at a drop of a hat due to the fact that there really isn’t many, if really any good seafood restaurants around any more…..(please, I would welcome any recommendations). Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Amore Floreat February 2019

March 17, 2019

I met a lovely gentleman at a function who shared my love for red wine. And since he enjoyed his red wine, I quizzed him on whether he has the same liking for food. In my encounters, people who enjoyed red wine as much as I do also really like their food too. So, with conversations about the wines we both liked to enjoy, he recommended his neighbourhood eatery that I must try. Continue Reading…



January 29, 2019

We love Italian food. We have a few Italian friends so we not only enjoy Italian food whilst we are dining out but also when our friends cook for us. Bonus all round for us right? We’ve posted other pasta sauce recipes before, this is just another, simpler version. Luckily this recipe makes plenty as it tastes even better the day after and the day after that. There is more than enough to feed a tribe, plus leftovers to freeze for future quick meals. Continue Reading…


Simple Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder December 2018

January 9, 2019

We once visited a famed restaurant in our southwest and enjoyed a lamb dish that was so deliciously moist and simple in flavour, I wanted to see if I could replicate it.

And in my usual fashion, I Googled several recipes and once again, one of my favourite chefs, Matt Moran came up with the goods. Again, I apologise for not having a picture but if you Google for Matt Moran’s recipe you can get a great picture. Matt’s recipe serves it with chermoula, zucchini and mint.  You can serve it with whatever you please….salads, roasted vegetables….

Continue Reading…

Restaurant Reviews

Santini Bar and Grill October 2018

October 23, 2018

So, the much-anticipated QT Hotel in Perth opens. Everyone is talking about how cool this place is, the décor, the dynamic nature of their concept, their staff and what they offer to the hospitality scene in Perth. The commentary also bang on about the new Italian restaurant that is going to hit Perth right between the eyes. Continue Reading…


Seared Morton Bay Bugs with cuttlefish ink farfalle pasta

February 1, 2018

Again it was due to the lovely gift we’d received from our lovely friend at Christmas, a tray filled with truffled products which consisted of an array of pasta, risotto, oil, glazing sauce and truffled cream paste that has inspired this dish too. This time it was a packet of farfalle pasta which consisted of a mix of plain durum wheat semolina and cuttlefish ink pasta. Since I have created a dish with the risotto, I thought, if it ain’t broke, let’s create a similar dish with Morton Bay Bugs and pasta. Continue Reading…


Creamy Bacon and Tomato Penne with Silverbeet

December 20, 2017

The reason for this dish was because I had lots of bacon left over from breakfast and a jar of cooking cream I did not get to use. I really hate wasting good food, let’s face it, who wants to waste bacon!!?? If you are a fan of bacon like us, bacon makes everything tastes AMAZING! Continue Reading…