Treacle cured salmom

November 16, 2017

As with all cooking inspirations, we sort of came across this dish at a restaurant and I decided to amend it to my taste. When I encountered this dish it was served with fennel and grapefruit which I felt the fennel was too aniseedy paired with the grapefruit with then made it even more tart.

So, whilst the treacle cured salmon was the main event, with a bit of novice culinary foot work I think I can still proudly serve it to our guests at Chez Brown. This dish is a great entrée in any season but since I am serving it with orange, braised fennel, rocket and goats cheese, it is a refreshing warmer weather dish.

This dish takes a bit of effort, a week in advance to be exact as you will need to cure the salmon in the salt marinate first, marinating for four days, turning over each day. It is fairly easy as long as you have all the ingredients.

You will need about 1kg of salmon, skin off. Depending on the size of your marinating container, you can cut it into pieces to fit.

Prepare the salt marinate, mixing all ingredients well and saving 62g of mixture to add to treacle marinate.

Salt marinate ingredients

160g sugar

80g flaky sea salt

80g course sea salt

32g lemon juice with zest

2.4g coriander seeds

2.4g white peppercorns

1 orange, juice and zest

Marinate the salmon overnight in the salt marinate (minus the 62g of mixture), turning once the next day.

On day two, prepare the treacle marinate. Mix all ingredients well and add the 62g of salt marinate.

Treacle marinate ingredients

100g black treacle

Dash light soy sauce

30g fresh ginger, smashed or use minced ginger

5g red chilli, cut into pieces

30g lemon grass, cut into small pieces

40g coriander stalks, smashed/roughly chopped

4 lime leaves

Wash the salmon from salt marinate and discard salt marinate. Marinate salmon in treacle marinate for four days, turning over each day.

When you are ready to serve, prepare the other ingredients.

Slice the fennel finely and braise gently in chicken stock, set aside to let cool. We don’t want to over cook or boil the fennel, I just want to take out some of the raw aniseed sting but numbing it with chicken stock.

Prepare the dressing by combining:

1 teaspoon of Djorn/French mustard

Slug of good olive oil

Dash of honey

Pinch of orange zest

Salt and pepper to taste, set aside until ready to use.

To serve place few sprigs of fennel on the plate, a small handful of rocket on top, spoon some dressing over the leaves (I have also used avocado cream), layer with slices of cured salmon, then a couple of dollops of goats curd over the salmon. Finish with some cracked pepper and wedges of orange slices on the sides of the plate.

If you use avocado cream instead of the dressing, I would also add thin slices of deseeded cucumber to the rocket. I simply blended avocado with double cream, bit of salt and pepper and piped it over the leaves. If not used or eaten immediately the avocado can turn brown.

The flavor of the salmon is so moorish you can simply pop in on a cracker with some goats or cream cheese too!

The great thing about cooking is after you have tried a recipe once, the next time you make it, you can amend and adjust to your own taste. I Goggled a host of cured salmon recipes to make up the ingredients I wanted to use. Then played with it until I arrived at the right amount I though best suited how I would like to serve and eat it. Hope you have fun with this salmon recipe.

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